99 roses pink

Flowers are a gift full of meaning – from the type of flower to their colour and numbers. There are countless combinations to explore. Out of all these combinations, none is more well-known than the bouquet of 99 roses. Roses are probably the most popular flower in the world. Roses are gifted in bouquets for almost every occasion, not to mention that red roses symbolise traditional love and romance.

For many people, receiving a huge bouquet of roses is enough to cause cheeks to blush and a smile across the lips. Make it all the sweeter for them by explaining the meaning behind the number of roses.

A Timeless Bouquet


A single rose stalk represents love at first sight. A bouquet of 99 roses, however, is a timeless gift. It symbolises “I will love you forever”, or “I want to grow old with you”. This message of undying devotion is presented at proposals. You might better recognise it as the bouquet brides hold as they walk down the aisle on their wedding day. Whatever the purpose, a bouquet of 99 roses is the preferred way to signify a love that lasts.

Smile Floral carries 99 rose bouquets in different colours for lovers who want a gift with rich meaning but still hold a personal touch with roses of their favourite colour. Typically, a bouquet of 99 roses will consist of traditional deep red roses. There are white roses to choose from and other non-traditional colours like blue, pink, purple, champagne, and yellow! Although striking, different colours and hues are becoming increasingly popular for a fun take on tradition.

White baby’s breath flowers are the classic combination to adorn deep red roses. Some florists even add accents around the roses – for instance, using baby’s breath flowers to round out wedding bouquets to represent the purity of emotion a couple has for each other. Still, just like their roses, Smile Floral comes up with exciting varieties like a rainbow baby’s breath ring to make the bouquet pop.

Other flowers are not the only thing that can make a bouquet better. Their florists have also created eye-catching designs, such as the blooming love bouquet with a layer of yellow roses in the middle, further surrounded by pink roses and adorned with white baby breath flowers. Smile Floral also has 99 roses with LED fairy lights to make your proposal even more special. These picture-perfect bouquets will make a great conversation piece, and their beauty in photos will take you back to revisit happy memories.




A Long and Lasting Love

Bring a smile to your special someone and declare your love for them all over again. Visit Smile Floral for a 99 roses bouquet that will help you express yourself in a meaningful way. Talk to us at 6473 7252 or view our arrangements to find a bouquet for your special day and momentous occasion.