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Transform Your Wedding Day with Our Bespoke Bridal and Car Bouquets

At Smile Floral, we're committed to making every wedding a beautifully memorable experience. Specializing in wedding car flowers, exquisite ROM bouquets, and elegant wedding flower bouquets, our bespoke service caters to every floral aspect of your celebration. From crafting the perfect bouquet for wedding occasions to designing the quintessential bridal bouquet, our creations are tailored to match the unique essence and style of your special day in Singapore. Now, let us explore how our bespoke floral arrangements can enhance the magic of your wedding, beginning with the essential element of any celebration - the flowers.


Wedding Flowers & Bridal Bouquet In Singapore

Every wedding is a unique story, a canvas painted with love, dreams, and cherished moments. At the heart of this celebration are the wedding flowers, setting the tone and atmosphere for that once-in-a-lifetime event. In Singapore, where tradition meets modern elegance, the choice of wedding bouquets becomes a reflection of personal style and the essence of the celebration.

At Smile Floral, we understand the pivotal role of wedding bouquets in bringing joy, beauty, and good fortune to your matrimonial journey. Selecting the right floral arrangement can be overwhelming with the myriad of choices available. But worry not, as Smile Floral stands as your dedicated guide through this vibrant world of flowers.

Our collections are not just arrangements; they are expressions of emotion, designed to complement your special day. We offer a range of bridal bouquets, each crafted with care and consideration, tailored to make your wedding day as memorable and unique as your love story.


What to Consider When Choosing Wedding Flowers

Complementing Your Wedding Theme

Every wedding has a unique theme that tells a story. The flowers you choose should seamlessly integrate with this theme, whether it's a classic fairy tale romance, a modern chic affair, or a rustic countryside celebration. For instance, soft peonies and lush greenery might suit a garden-themed wedding, while bold, exotic blooms could enhance a more vibrant and contemporary setting.

Reflecting Your Personal Style

Your wedding is a reflection of who you are. Your floral arrangements should mirror your personal style. Are you someone who loves minimalism and elegance, or do you prefer something more bold and unconventional? From the bridal bouquet to the table centerpieces, each floral piece should resonate with your personality. 

Resonating with the Atmosphere of Your Celebration

The atmosphere of your wedding is set by the tone and mood you wish to create. Soft, pastel-colored flowers can evoke a sense of romance and tenderness, while vibrant, colorful arrangements might bring a sense of joy and festivity. Consider how your flower choices contribute to the overall ambiance of your wedding, from the solemnity of the ceremony to the joyousness of the reception.

Whether you’re drawn to the elegance of traditional roses, the exotic charm of orchids, or the whimsical touch of wildflowers, your choice of flowers will set the tone for your special day. At Smile Floral, we guide you through this selection process, ensuring your floral arrangements are not just decorations, but treasured elements that enhance the beauty and sentiment of your wedding.


ROM Bouquet: Symbol of a New Beginning

In the heart of every Singaporean wedding lies the ROM (Registry of Marriage) ceremony, a moment both intimate and profoundly significant. At Smile Floral, we honor this milestone with our exquisitely designed ROM bouquets, each a symbol of the fresh start in a marital journey. More than just an accessory, our ROM bouquets serve as a central piece in the ceremony, capturing the essence of the union between two hearts embarking on a life together.

Each ROM bouquet is carefully crafted to be a testament to love and commitment, reflecting the solemnity and joy of the occasion. We blend tradition and modernity, offering a range of choices from classic roses, known for their timeless elegance, to exotic orchids, which bring a touch of unique allure. The diversity in our ROM bouquet collection ensures that every couple finds a floral expression that resonates with their personal love story.


Consider the 'Vibrant Spring - Executive Cascading Bridal Bouquet', starting at S$220, a fresh flower arrangement that embodies the energy and renewal of spring. This bouquet features a lively blend of coral-toned anthuriums and delicate peach roses, interspersed with hints of yellow and greenery, capturing the essence of a vibrant spring day.

Embrace the warmth of the season with the 'Autumn Vintage Aesthetics' bouquet, starting at S$138. This classic preserved bridal bouquet is a celebration of autumn's rich palette, with warm orange hues, creamy neutrals, and textured botanicals that come together to form a nostalgic and enchanting composition.

Beyond fresh flowers, Smile Floral also offers a range of preserved and dried floral arrangements. These everlasting blooms are perfect for ROM bouquets, wrist corsages, and boutonnieres, adding a touch of timeless beauty to any wedding ensemble. Our preserved and dried flowers are ideal for couples who wish to keep a part of their ROM ceremony with them long after the day has passed.

At Smile Floral, we understand the significance of your ROM ceremony and strive to provide bouquets that are not only visually stunning but also emotionally resonant. Let us be a part of your journey as you step into a new life together with a ROM bouquet that perfectly encapsulates your love and commitment.


Wedding Car Flowers: Elevate Your Day with Smile Floral's Elegant Arrangements


As your wedding day unfolds from the emotional vows to the celebratory procession, Smile Floral ensures your journey is adorned with the unmatched beauty of our wedding car flowers. Each arrangement is carefully crafted to complement the joy and elegance of your special day.

Just as the bridal bouquet represents the blossoming of love, our wedding car flowers symbolize the beautiful journey ahead. They are not merely decorations; they are a testament to the journey you embark upon together. With a meticulous eye for detail, we tailor every wedding car flower arrangement to reflect your personal style and the overarching theme of your wedding. 

Our commitment at Smile Floral is to transform your wedding car into a stunning emblem of your love story. It's the chariot that carries you towards the new chapter of your life, deserving the finest adornment. Therefore, our wedding car flowers are designed to be eye-catching and memorable, ensuring your departure as newlyweds is as remarkable as the ceremony itself.

In this moment of transition, as you embark on your journey as newlyweds, Smile Floral's wedding car flowers add an extra layer of beauty and symbolism to your special day, making your wedding car more than just a vehicle—it becomes an integral part of your wedding narrative, a cherished memory of the day you united in love.

Begin Your Forever with Smile Floral

Every bride-to-be has their unique taste and preferences. If you're drawn to the bespoke beauty of our wedding flowers and car decorations, we invite you to reach out for a personalized quotation. Choose your desired color palette, and let us know if you have a penchant for premium or seasonal flowers. While the images here serve as references, our team at Smile Floral is eager to discuss your vision in more detail.


Complete Your Celebration with Smile Floral's Wedding Packages

For couples looking to streamline their floral selection process, Smile Floral offers comprehensive wedding packages that encompass all your needs—from the bridal procession to the last dance. Our Classic and Rustic Bridal Packages, starting at S$450 and S$490 respectively, include everything from the bridal hand bouquet to the groom's boutonnière, ensuring a harmonious look throughout your wedding day. With options to add on boutonnières, bridesmaid corsages, and satin ribbons, and the flexibility to accommodate premium or seasonal flowers, our packages are designed for convenience without compromising on elegance.

For a tailored floral experience that reflects the essence of your love story, contact us at Discover more bridal flower inspirations and join our community of happy couples on Instagram at @smilefloralweddingsg. And if you're ready to chat about your dream wedding flowers, click the messenger button on our website to start the conversation with our dedicated floral artisans.