rose bouquet with berries

Valentine's day is a very special holiday for a lot of individuals. It isn't simply any typical day, but more of an opportunity to celebrate love and admiration with someone special. Because of this, it has become common for people to look for ways to celebrate this occasion through selfless gestures and giving gifts. These gifts can range from anything simple, like a box of chocolates to a fancy engagement ring. However, every Valentine's gesture is complete with a bouquet of flowers, as it is a staple symbol when it comes to the expression of love. In this article, we explore the various ways you can say "I love you" with a valentine flower in Singapore. From classic roses to unique arrangements, a valentine's day flower bouquet is the perfect way to express your feelings on this special day.


Know Her Love Language


Before anything else, it is a must that you, as a partner, understand deeply what your love language is and what theirs is as well. This is because understanding your partner’s love language will help you discern how to make them feel loved the most. How they show their love towards you can be different from how they prefer to receive love in return. 

For example, you may appreciate kind words and verbal affirmation from your partner, but how you want to express your love towards them may be through gifts or acts of service. This is important to acknowledge because at times, how you wish to express love is not how your partner wants to receive it. In turn, you may feel like you have been making your partner feel loved and appreciated, but all this time you’re unaware that their needs are not being met.

In this scenario, for example, your partner appreciates words of affirmation. Instead of solely expressing love through how you like to do it, which is giving them flowers, you can find a way to marry your way of expressing love and how they want to receive it into one special gesture. Specifically through gifting them with an intricately curated bouquet but by adding a handwritten letter expressing in words how much you love and appreciate them. This way you are able to express your love in not only your love language but theirs as well.




Understand What the Color Depicts


Another important factor to consider when getting Valentine’s day flowers for your significant other is to understand what each flower colour depicts. The colours you select for a bouquet are equally as important as the combination of flowers you choose. With that, here are the different colours and meanings:

  • Blue - calms worries, anxiety, and preoccupation. Also represents peace, openness, and serenity. 
  • Pink - represents grace and happiness, as well as youth, innocence and joy.
  • Purple - originating from royalty and ceremony, purple represents dignity, pride, and success. Purple is also known to symbolize accomplishment and admiration
  • Red - red symbolizes desire and strength. Known also for the kind of love that its intensity and heat, red is often associated with strong, passionate romance.
  • White - innocence, humility and reverence are the traits that white flowers usually depict. They evoke simplicity and beauty, that imbibe elegance and grace.
  • Yellow - because of its bright shade, yellow flowers represent joy and lightheartedness. They are also a symbol of new beginnings, friendship, and happiness.
  • Orange - orange is a bold and vibrant colour that symbolizes warmth, joy, and happiness. 
  • Green - as green is synonymous with nature, it is known to depict health, resilience, youth, and good fortune.
  • Lavender - while purple is known to depict royalty, lavender, a lighter shade, is known for its femininity. Lavender represents refinement, grace, and elegance. 


Choose Your Flower Combination Carefully


Understanding what each flower color represents, it's time to determine what kind of valentine flowers in Singapore to give your significant other. Remember each color holds a different meaning. So, it's important to carefully select and combine them to convey a specific and cohesive message of love. when selecting a valentine flower arrangement for your partner make sure your intentions are direct and concise. They deserve nothing less than a heartfelt expression of love on this special occasion.


Have an Add-on Surprise


While gifting your significant other flowers for Valentine’s day is a great gesture, one mustn’t stop there. In fact, there are many possible add-ons you can include to your arrangement to make the gesture a little bit more special and grand. At Smile Floral, we offer an array of add-on gifts to your flower arrangement to help you go the extra mile in expressing your love and commitment to them. 



Celebrate Valentine’s Day with Smile Floral’s Valentine’s Flower Collection!


Nothing says “I love you” more than a carefully curated flower arrangement made specifically for your significant one. While one can gift their loved ones flowers any day of the year, it is vital that they remember to do so on the most significant holiday for romantic relationships. At Smile Floral, we understand how important it is to make your partner feel loved. So, during this most romantic time of the year, we pride ourselves on our extensive Valentine flowers in Singapore collection. Shop with us at our website or call us at (+65) 6473 7252 to create your own special flower arrangement for your partner today!