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Rose bouquets in Singapore are widely known as an expression of love. In fact, they are one of the most popular choices when it comes to romancing a special someone, or for many who just love a classic bloom. While there are countless stores one can purchase readily made rose bouquets, nothing says ‘I love you’, more than receiving a bouquet wrapped specifically by their loved one. With that, this article will teach you how to perfectly wrap a rose bouquet that will surely woo anyone.


How Long Do Wrapped Roses Last?

Freshly cut roses typically last up to one week if properly tended. Upon receiving your rose bouquet, however, you can lengthen the lifespan by making sure to cut the stems before placing them in a vase. It is important to remove at least one inch off the end of the stem and to cut at a 45-degree angle. This slanted cut helps the roses absorb more water and prevent wilting. To maximize the life of your flowers, you can re-trim your stems every few days. This helps keep the stems clean and ensures your blooms stay hydrated.


How Do You Keep a Bouquet Fresh Without Unwrapping It?

Now that you know the important steps to keep your roses fresh and beautiful, it is also important to consider how to keep them alive while still wrapped. The easiest and most immediate solution is to wrap the bottom of the stems with a damp paper towel. To ensure the paper towel doesn’t leak, you can place a sandwich bag around it and secure it with a rubber band. This is a perfect temporary way to ensure your flowers don’t dry out before you are able to place them into a vase. You can also refrigerate your roses as soon as you can. Just as florists keep their flowers in a cold, refrigerated area before they are sold, you can easily do the same for your bouquet. 


Choose Your Materials Wisely

While it may seem like an intimidating task, wrapping your own rose bouquet is actually easy as long as you use your creative imagination. It all boils down to the materials you will need. Make sure to use the following:

    • Heavy-duty wrapping paper or Kraft Paper
    • Tissue paper
    • Clear tape
    • Bouquet of flowers
    • Ribbon or raffia
    • Paper towels
    • Sandwich bags


    • Scissors
    • Tape
    • Stapler (optional)


Embellish to Impress – How to Wrap Your Own Rose Bouquet Properly

Once you’ve gathered all the necessary materials, it is now time to wrap your own rose bouquet. Simply follow these steps:

  1. Cut wrapping paper into a 20-inch by 26-inch rectangle
  2. Place the wrapping paper face down on your table
  3. Turn the sheet diagonally with the point on the top
  4. Cover the sheet with a square-shaped tissue paper. Ensure that it covers the whole wrapper accurately
  5. Slide the tissue paper over the point on top, leaving an inch over the pointed edge
  6. Arrange the bouquet in your hand, with the greenery on the bottom and the roses on top
  7. Once done, place the flowers on the paper diagonally
  8. Gently fold the left corner of the outside wrapper and tissue paper diagonally. Bring this toward the centre without wrinkling any of the material
  9. Fold it over the flowers and secure it with tape
  10. Fold the right side diagonally and bring it towards the centre as well. Extend this around the back and secure it with tape (or a stapler)
  11. Lastly, tie with a ribbon, string or raffia for added style

Once you’ve completed all the steps you should have a beautiful and secure bouquet of roses ready to be received by a special someone.


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