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Graduation is an exciting and memorable occasion. If you're looking to celebrate the occasion with the perfect gift, graduation flowers in Singapore are a great option. It is a celebration of countless hours, numerous sleepless nights, and a good job done. Walking across the stage and taking hold of that degree is a symbolism of how far you’ve come as well as how all that hard work paid off tenfold. And when it comes to showing the graduate how proud you are of their accomplishment, there is nothing quite like flowers. In this article, we will look into creating the perfect flower bouquet to celebrate such a momentous occasion.


Pick The Flower That Represents Your Graduand

With all the different kinds of flower options to choose from, how then are you going to find the perfect ones that truly encapsulates “graduation”? Here are a few options you can consider:

      • Roses - roses have been a staple flower that symbolises love and passion. You can never go wrong with sending roses to a loved one who just graduated, especially if they are your significant other.

      • Sunflowers - People believe that sunflowers bring good luck, prosperity, and safety, making them an ideal gift for fresh graduates who are about to step into the workforce to pursue their dreams.

      • Baby’s breath - baby’s breath or celestial fields often symbolise new beginnings, making it the perfect gift to wish fresh graduates good luck on their next venture.

      • Chrysanthemums - these flowers convey optimism, joy, longevity. 

      • Cotton flower - promise wealth and well-being, and they also show that you cherish the people around you.

      • Tulips - tulips symbolise perfect and deep love, making them an ideal gift to fresh graduates who you have deep, unconditional love for.

      • Hydrangeas - Hydrangeas represent gratitude, grace, and beauty. Additionally, these flowers radiate abundance.

      • Carnations - carnations embrace the idea of fascination, distinction and love. 

    • Gerbera - this flower symbolise innocence, purity, cheerfulness, and loyal love. 


Choose an Add-On

Flowers in general make a great gift for any occasion. However, it surely hits differently when an extra graduation-themed touch is added to the whole package. At Smile Floral, we offer an array of add-ons to help make your graduation bouquets a whole lot more personal.  

      • Graduation Balloon - Add a balloon to your bouquet of a yellow smiley face wearing a graduation cap to brighten up your graduate’s day.

      • Congrats Topper - Add a flower topper that says “Congrats” on to the top of your bouquet.

    • Chocolates - Nothing pairs better with fresh, beautiful flowers than a box of delicious chocolates! Making a sweet gift in all aspects.



Visualise Your Arrangement

After you have chosen your selection of flowers, it is now time to conceptualize the rest of your bouquet. Consider the colours your flowers have and find elements that complement each other. When the flowers you have chosen already have a bright colour, you can opt for more neutral tones for the wrapping paper and ribbon. Don’t forget to add additional graduation elements to give your bouquet a more personal touch that will perfectly commemorate this milestone. 


Wrap It Up

Wrapping a bouquet may seem daunting at first, but it is actually pretty simple as long as you follow the steps carefully. 

  1. Arrange your flowers depending on how you want them to appear as a bouquet.
  2. Cut 3 squares of wrapping paper making sure that the entire arrangement sits perfectly in the middle.
  3. Place the squares diagonally and the arrangement in the middle, with the tip of one square at the top part of the flowers.
  4. Wrap the squares around the arrangement at the bottom while making sure to open the top part of the wrapping papers outwards and avoid crumpling.
  5. Continue adding wrapping paper until you are satisfied with how the bouquet looks.
  6. Add layers of the wrapping paper to the bottom part of the bouquet, towards the stem, and wrap it around.
  7. Once you are satisfied, tie the entire arrangement with a ribbon until it’s entirely secure.


The Best Graduation Flowers in Singapore Comes from Smile Floral

There is no better way to let someone know you are proud of their accomplishments than through flowers. Graduation is no exception, and if you're looking for graduation flowers in Singapore, Smile Floral has got you covered. While you can opt to build and wrap your own graduation bouquet, fixing up the perfect floral arrangement can be quite daunting and time-consuming. At Smile Floral, we offer a variety of graduation bouquets for you to choose from that are bound to brighten up the graduate’s day. Shop our website or call us at (+65) 6473 7252 today to find the perfect graduation flowers in Singapore to commemorate this milestone!