Flowers That Will Help Your Love Blooms
Smile Floral - How to Keep Your Cut Flowers Fresh It does happen that you get a flower for your graduation, other celebrations or just as a gesture of goodwill. Often, the flower would not look the same by the time it reaches the evening on the same day. In short, nothing like the beautiful gift you got earlier in the day. However, Smile Floral believe that it does not have to be the saddening case! In fact, you can make your fresh cut flowers last longer with these simple tips below: 1. Cut the stems As soon as you get the flowers, cut them at the lower stems. Ensure you cut just about an inch or two from the base of the stem, and at a slight angle too. This will improve the rate at which the stems can take in water as opposed to when they just have flat bases. But if your flowers are from Smile Floral, the bouquets are already wrapped with some cotton and water at the stems so there is no rush to transfer it to a clean vase and you can do so after a few days! \ Speaking of water… 2. Place the stems in water Grab a vase (a clean one, might we add) and fill it with clean water. Put the plants (stem first) inside the vase so that the flowers stay hydrated for as long as possible. That would prevent them from drying and withering out. But it’ll be good to note that the water should just be enough to cover the ends of the stems otherwise with too much water, it might cause premature rotting of stems. 3. Soda (Yes, you heard that right.) This might sound absurd, but it does work! Take a quarter of soda and pour it into a vase filled with water meant for your cut flowers. The sugar in the soda is what we need here, and it does make the flowers keep their blossom for even longer. Note: In the case you are using a clear vase, it is recommended that you also pour in a clear soda (like 7-Up). 4. Keep away from sunlight If you have been to the inside of florist’s shop many times, you will observe that the exotic flowers are usually kept in refrigerators. That is because the cold will slow down the rate at which the flowers will disintegrate. Thus, you should keep the flower away from heat sources – with sunlight being one of the most obvious. But remember as flowers are living things as well, they like being in a well ventilated room as well! This helps to improve the air flow which brings in fresh air for the flowers to live for a longer period of time! 5. Use Flower Food It never hurts to add a packet of flower food into the water in the vase. Make sure the flower food has been properly mixed too for the best effect. Of course, ensure you’re using clean water, so it doesn’t interfere with the flower food. 6. Don’t use your fridge We did talk about getting the flowers cool. We did mention the fact that your florist also makes use of their refrigerator to do so. What we might not have mentioned, though, is that you shouldn’t use your own fridge. The refrigerators used by florists can rate at very low temperatures which are far from what your commercial unit can handle. Likewise, there is the chance other fruits/ vegetables in your fridge emits ethylene gas – which can be very harmful to your flowers. Got any other tip we failed to mention? Don’t forget to let us know about it in the comments! Interested in getting some awesome flowers for your loved ones? Contact or visit us at Location: 115A Commonwealth Drive #03-12 Singapore 149596 Contact: +65 6473 7252 Email: