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Flowers often speak for us when no words are enough to convey how we feel. A standing bouquet sent to a wake tells the bereaved that you are sorry for their loss. On the other hand, a bouquet of 99 roses tells a beloved that they are precious to you. Hidden in the world of floral arrangements lies Mother Nature's best-kept secret. Flowers that posses a power to enrich our lives and support our mental health. With bouquet delivery in Singapore, it's easy to surprise someone with a bouquet. Blossoms that enlivens the senses and acts as a mood booster. Read on as we are taking a deep dive to understand how flowers are the gift that keeps giving.


Stop, and Smell the Flowers

People have been incorporating floral scents into aromatherapy for a long time. A scented candles to benefit from their sweet fragrance and calming effect. Scents from flowers like peony, lavender, rose and jasmine each have a beautifully unique scent. It has a sedative effect that soothes symptoms of anxiety and depression. When different fragrances come together, the sum is greater than its parts in bringing a tranquil feeling to the recipient. 


A Sight To Behold

Floral arrangements have a visual beauty that is hard to ignore. Being the centrepiece at a dinner table, lining the aisles of a wedding venue or even decorating at an event, they bring a burst of colour and a touch of nature to an otherwise dull interior. Understanding the colour wheel and its impact on our minds can guide the choice of floral arrangements that will lead us to the mental state we want to be in. Chromotherapy is a type of treatment that helps regulate biochemical processes in our bodies by using colours that will create a particular electrical impulse in our brains.

If you are hoping to be energised, warm hues like reds, oranges, and yellows can help to invigorate the senses. Cool colours, on the other hand, like green, blue and violet inspire a peaceful and calm sensation instead. No floral arrangement is complete without neutral fillers like baby's breath and dusty millers that will tie the different hues together. 


The Science of Flower Power

People recognise the positive impact that flowers have on emotions and mental well-being. That's why they often use them in hospitals, restaurants, and other public spaces to create a warm and cheerful atmosphere. A study conducted by Mojet et al. in 2016 found that the presence of flowers can significantly improve mood and decrease feelings of solitude, especially among those who find the sight of flowers appealing.

However, the scent of flowers can be a subjective experience, and some individuals may have different preferences or be sensitive to certain odours. In such cases, it's best to choose flowers with little to no scent, as they can evoke sympathy and comfort without overpowering other scents in the atmosphere.

The reasons for our positive association with flowers are unclear, but researchers suggest that it might be related to our evolutionary history. During the hunter-gatherer era, people marked the arrival of spring with flowers, signalling the availability of fruits and produce crucial for survival. For centuries, people have grown flowers for their aesthetic appeal, even if they lacked practical use.

A study from 2005 found that 100% of participants who received flowers showed a Duchenne smile, which psychologists consider to be the only indicator of true happiness. The involuntary nature of the Duchenne smile and its muscle movements make it distinguishable from other types of smiles, such as those of embarrassment, anger, or politeness. Flowers have come to symbolise various occasions and have cultural significance worldwide. Whether for gifting or personal enjoyment, flowers are a natural way to boost mood and regulate emotions.


Decoding The Language of Flowers

He loves me, he loves me not. Flowers are intertwined with life's milestones - from the labour ward to birthdays, graduations, proposals, weddings, grand openings, anniversaries, and funerals. They speak about commitment, congratulations and condolences. A bouquet delivery in Singapore is the perfect way to express your emotions, whether for a joyous or sorrowful occasion.

While there are scientific understandings of which flowers suit a particular occasion, cultural norms also shape our view of flowers. While Chrysanthemums have calming properties and symbolise optimism, they are often associated with death and funerals in local culture, making it an inauspicious addition to a bouquet for a joyous occasion. For a convenient and hassle-free bouquet delivery in Singapore, choose a reputable florist for your next gift.



Roses are a classic for a Valentine's Day bouquet and are the clearest indication of romance and passion. Receiving roses from someone you love or are interested in can be an instant mood booster, making one feel loved and cared for. Whether it's a single stalk from a first date that expresses interest or a 99 Roses bouquet for a proposal that represents undying love, receiving flowers positively impacts mood, especially when they come unexpectedly. 



Tulips come in various colours to match any mood or intention. They are understood as a symbol of perfect love, represent rebirth since they bloom at the beginning of springtime, and are often used as a symbol of charity. White tulips have a humble appearance, making them commonly used to offer condolences or apologies.



Gerberas symbolise innocence and cheerfulness, making them the perfect gift to welcome a new child to the world. They come in various shades, from deep purples to bright yellows and plain whites. They are easy to pair in a floral arrangement since they have wide blooms that help bouquets appear full and plentiful.



Although not a flower, eucalyptus has become an increasingly popular addition to bouquets to add a rustic charm and bring out the deep colours of the accompanying flowers. They represent strength, endurance and fertility and allow each flower in an arrangement to stand out.



Hydrangeas bloom in beautiful round clusters that give shape to every floral arrangement it is part of. In Japan, hydrangeas are known for their gentle hues and a rich history of symbolising forgiveness. The story goes that an emperor once gifted blue hydrangeas to his girlfriend's family to apologise for neglecting her. Interestingly, the colourful parts of the hydrangea are not the petals; rather they are sepals that grow to protect the flower bud.



Sunflowers symbolise loyalty and adoration and are often used to brighten someone's day. They are popular motifs for kindness movements in Singapore because of their bright yellow colour and the act of passing the flowers on as a gesture of thoughtfulness. They are great for joyous occasions, including grand openings for businesses or birthdays.



Peonies are considered the 'king of flowers' in China and Japan and are especially popular during festive periods. They symbolise prosperity, love and good fortune, making them the perfect arrangement for weddings and graduations. They add dimension with their layered petals and graceful look in floral arrangements.



"When plucked, carnations exude a beautiful fragrance and can last long. Known as the 'flower of the gods', they vary in symbolism based on their colour - white represents purity and luck, pink signifies gratitude, yellow symbolises rejection, and red represents love. Popular for special occasions like Mother's Day and first wedding anniversaries, carnations hold different meanings in different parts of the world."


Flowers' language helps make the right choice for a bouquet depending on the occasion and intention. Yet, when someone receives flowers, the symbolism behind each flower is often lost on them if they do not speak the flowery language. Instead, the visual appeal of the bouquet becomes the main draw that widens the recipient's smile. Getting the right floral arrangement is about knowing the recipient's floral preferences, favourite colours, how grand they like their flowers or if they even like flowers. For those in Singapore, bouquet delivery in Singapore can help ensure that the flowers reach the recipient in their freshest form.


Flowers of a Different Field

The practical crowd may not acknowledge the beauty of a floral arrangement for its fragrance and composition. Even so, with some modifications, they can still be mood boosters for anyone. Modern florists have begun selling bouquets with a twist by adding plushies, balloons, lights and hamper sets to spruce up a bouquet. Money might not grow on trees, but you can even find bouquets of carefully folded bills in the shape of flowers that will surely make your eyes light up. 

What's better than having flowers like roses that represent undying love? Having the flowers last for years as well! Getting a preserved flower bouquet can be great for those who might consider a fresh flower bouquet impractical because of its short lifespan. Making someone's day with flowers goes beyond the science of colour theory and olfactics. It requires an understanding of cultural norms and each individual's unique preferences. 


Reaping The Benefits of Floral Arrangements

Incorporating more flowers into your daily life can mean making some simple modifications to improve your mental health. Walking to the MRT station for your morning commute instead of taking the bus can help you notice and smell flowers along the road, which gives the double benefit of enjoying the fresh breeze and being more active. If not, simply looking out the bus window instead of using the travel time to watch videos or scroll on Instagram can invite a moving glimpse of nature's beauty into your day. 

To take it a step further, adorn your dining table, office table, bedroom or living room with simple floral arrangements so you can enjoy their goodness up close. Getting a vase to hold your bouquet can help to beautify the space while giving your eyes somewhere to rest during a long day of looking at a screen. To take it an additional step further, gift the joy of peace of mind when you gift flowers to someone to lift their environment and mood.


Finding The Right Florist - Smile Floral

At Smile Floral, flowers have the power to bring a smile to someone's face, regardless of the occasion. From hand bouquets for special milestones like Valentine's Day or graduations to flower stands for more sombre events like funerals, we have an extensive catalogue of different types of flowers and arrangements to choose from. Our bouquet delivery in Singapore makes it easy for you to send a thoughtful gift, no matter where the recipient is located. With same-day delivery options, you never have to worry about missing an important occasion.

Find the perfect bouquet with ease as our team of florists guide you through the process, ensuring each flower shines. No surprises when it comes to pricing as we transparently list our prices on our website. This is to ensure that we make it easy for you to find a bouquet that fits your budget. Customise your gift with options like graduation plushies, fairy lights, bracelets, chocolates, and champagne toppers to make it truly special.

For those who may not be fond of flowers, we even have alternatives like "Bills of Love" and "Floral Bills" bouquets, which offer a beautiful way to give cash as a gift. It's not just the scent, sight, or science of a floral arrangement that makes someone's day. It will always be the thought and care that goes into it. Flowers have the ability to provide comfort and joy through good times and bad, and even in death.

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