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Smile Floral Collection - Valentine’s Day Flower Bouquet in Singapore

Flowers especially rose, signifies as a universal symbol when it comes to love. It brings forth the message of warmth and care for the recipient. A declaration of “I LOVE YOU!” can easily touch a forlorn heart. As to the belief of many red rose is known as the flower of love. It symbolizes the strong desires and the emotions of the giver. At Smile Floral, we do have a wide array of flower bouquets that you can choose from. You can even do some add-ons to make it extra special: A bottle of champagne to match the magical night or chocolates to make it sweeter.


Valentine’s Day Roses and Bouquet Hand-Delivered with Care: Ensuring the Perfect Valentine’s Surprise

At Smile Floral, we have a special collection of Valentine's Day bouquets available for purchase on our website, perfect for your Valentine's Day flower delivery needs. These bouquets are not customizable to ensure a smooth and efficient process during the busy Valentine's Day season. For those looking for Valentine Day flower options, we've got you covered with our exquisite range of Valentine flowers that Singapore residents will love.

Rest assured that your bouquet will be delivered within the time slot you select at checkout. We offer flower delivery in Singapore and can even deliver to hotel concierges and restaurants. Please note that there is a small fee for deliveries to Sentosa. Additionally, we encourage customers to order and pick up their bouquets from our shop to enjoy a further self-pick-up discount.

A Symphony of Colors: Discover the Meaning Behind Valentine’s Day Flowers

Still not sure of what to get? Here are some meanings of flowers and their colour that may help you in choosing what to give your special someone.

1.Roses - The most popular flower for Valentine's Day in Singapore, with different colors carrying different meanings (red for love and passion, pink for sweetness and admiration, and so on).

2. Orchids - A popular choice in Singapore due to the country's rich orchid heritage, with different colours carrying different meanings (purple for admiration and respect, white for purity and elegance, and so on).

3. Sunflowers - Representing loyalty, longevity, and adoration, often given as a sign of deep and lasting love.

4. Tulips - Symbolizing perfect love and passion, with red tulips representing true love and pink tulips representing caring and affection.

5. Hydrangeas - A symbol of gratitude and heartfelt emotion, often given as a sign of appreciation and thankfulness.


To make your gift more personal and meaningful, it's important to choose flower colours that match the personality of the recipient. Consider the following list to help you select the best colour of flowers for the recipient.

      • Blue - has a calming effect, relieving worry and anxiety. It also signifies peace, openness, and serenity.
      • Pink - represents happiness, grace, and joy, as well as youthfulness and innocence.
      • Purple - historically associated with royalty and ceremony- signifies pride, dignity, and success. It can also symbolize admiration and achievement.
      • Red - symbolizes strength and desire and is often associated with intense, passionate romance.
      • White - connotes innocence, humility, and reverence, evoking a sense of beauty, elegance, and simplicity.
      • Yellow - known for its bright, cheerful hue- represents joy, lightheartedness, and new beginnings. It is also a symbol of friendship and happiness.
      • Orange - a bold, vibrant color- signifies warmth, joy, and happiness.
      • Green - as a colour closely associated with nature, green represents health, resilience, youthfulness, and good fortune.
      • Lavender - a lighter shade of purple- is often associated with femininity and signifies refinement, grace, and elegance.