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Condolence Stands / Table Flowers

Condolence Stands / Table Flowers

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  1. Sympathy Table Flowers - Comforting Memories
  2. Sympathy Flowers -  Abiding Tranquility
  3. Sympathy Flowers -  Solemn Glory

    Sympathy Flowers - Solemn Glory

    S$95.00 (incl GST)

  4. Sympathy Flowers -  Honourary Departure
  5. Sympathy Flowers - My Sincere Condolement
  6. Sympathy Flowers - Sincere Consolation
  7. Sympathy Flowers - Mauve Solace

    Sympathy Flowers - Mauve Solace

    S$120.00 (incl GST)

  8. Sympathy Flowers - Forever in Memories
  9. Sympathy Flowers - Azure Condolences
  10. Sympathy Flowers - Never Forgotten
  11. Sympathy Flowers - Pearly Benevolence
  12. Sympathy Flowers - Ivory Solace

    Sympathy Flowers - Ivory Solace

    S$125.00 (incl GST)

  13. Sympathy Flowers - Enduring Promise
  14. Sympathy Flowers - Timeless Horizon
  15. Sympathy Flowers - Calming Consolation
  16. Sympathy Flowers - Dignified Farewell
  17. Sympathy Flowers -  Honourary Tribute
  18. Sympathy Flowers - Beatitude Remembrance
  19. Sympathy Flowers - Saffron Solace

    Sympathy Flowers - Saffron Solace

    S$135.00 (incl GST)

  20. Sympathy Flowers - Eternal Tranquility
  21. Sympathy Flowers - Serene Galaxy
  22. Sympathy Flowers - Blessed Tranquility
  23. Sympathy Flowers - Heartfelt Respect
  24. Sympathy Flowers - Endearing Tribute
  25. Sympathy Flowers - Everlasting Serenity
  26. Sympathy Flowers - Peaceful Salvation
  27. Sympathy Flowers - Eternal Solace

    Sympathy Flowers - Eternal Solace

    S$145.00 (incl GST)

  28. Sympathy Flowers - Royal Compassion
  29. Executive Condolence Flowers - Champagne Sage
  30. Executive Condolence Flowers - Comforting Thoughts
  31. Executive Condolence Flowers - Compassionate in Ivory
  32. Executive Condolence Flowers - Monumental Compassion
  33. Executive Condolence Flowers - Silver Solace

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Same-Day Condolence Flower Delivery Services in Singapore

Comfort someone in their time of need with a condolence flower stand to convey your sympathies. At Smile Floral, our florists creatively designed floral stands to help you settle on a suitable gesture when there has been the loss of a loved one. A bouquet of sympathy flowers or a sympathy flower stand is a simple, poignant way of letting the bereaved know that they are in your thoughts and that you are there to offer your care and support should they seek it. Our condolence flower wreaths are available for delivery throughout Singapore feature quality blooms arranged in tasteful colour combinations.

Funeral flowers to share your sympathy

Bouquets are a sensible gift for loved ones in mourning, creating a simple gesture of sympathy to those experiencing a loss. At Smile Floral, we create elegant arrangements that reflect your condolences and allow for a glimmer of colour at funerals and wakes. Whether you’re organising the funeral or wish to send a gift to a grieving partner, we can carefully create a beautiful arrangement out of tranquil and calming coloured blooms.

Our experienced florists have created a number of arrangements to suit all kinds of occasions. Flowers elevate your mood and brighten a room, adding that pop of nature that is sometimes all that’s needed. From our specialty bouquets available for delivery to thoughtful arrangements for health and wellness. Uplift spirits and decorate the room with Smile Floral’s beautiful selection.

Arrange a delivery with Smile Floral today

Smile Floral is an online florist team. Send your condolence wreath with us and enjoy hassle free flower delivery services in Singapore today! For any urgent sympathy flower stand delivery, let our florists know by calling us (64737252), and we will send your sympathy wreath for you!