The Difference Between Roses bouquet and Lilies bouquet
It seems like an odd comparison, given that roses and lilies are physically different and it’s not hard to tell them apart. The rose, arguably the most popular among flowers, is a perennial flowering plant characterized by its distinct arrangement of petals and bulbous bloom. The lily, on the other hand, is known for being a tall and elegant flower with a recognizable pistil at the centre. Perhaps the comparison then is not about the looks of the blossoms, but about the meanings they evoke. The English poet William Cowper once compared the two blooms in his poem “The Lily and the Rose”, in which the flowers vie to become the queen of the garden. In his defence, both flowers exude a regal personality and connote an idea of love, albeit in different interpretations. The Rose by any other name If there is a flower that perfectly embodies passion and a queen-like disposition, the Rose is arguably the first on the list. But then, roses come in different colours and, with them, new meanings. Our unique range of 99 roses bouquet is not only the cheapest bouquets in the market, more importantly, we use fresh roses that are delivered straight from the flower farms. If red roses are used to convey deep emotion -- love, passion, devotion, and even sometimes regret -- its blusher versions are indicative of other strong feelings. Yellow roses imply deep feelings of friendship, while white ones represent earnest innocence. Lavender roses show enchantment and the variety of pinks range from feelings of joy, appreciation and grace. To lie among the Lilies But it is not to say that the Lily signifies emotions that are not as deep. Perhaps it’s just easier to imagine that the tall, elegant flower to have a more ethereal and loftier idea of the “perfect” love. Like the rose, there are many different variations and meanings to the lily, and not just in colour. Calla lilies are representative of life and reincarnation, while the Tiger Lilies show feminine energy and courage. Stargazers represent faith, and the Lily of the Valley rightfully stands as the epitome of calmness and grace. Rivalry In Cowper’s poem, the Rose and the Lily were bickering for the right to be crowned the queen of the ornamental garden owned by none other than the Roman goddess of flowers herself, Flora. However, the goddess deemed that both should share the title, for no other bloom compared to the Rose’s hue, while the Lily is incomparable in terms of its elegance. And much like the decree of the goddess of flowers, many people avoid having to compare the two lovely blooms by combining them in one bouquet to represent the “whole” idea of passionate love and reverent desire. This Mother’s Day, gift the queen of your household with an arrangement of roses and lilies, in whichever colour or variety you want. Smile Floral offers premium arranged flowers meticulously designed according to your specific needs. Our happiness lies in delivering sincere smiles to our customers’ faces and becoming a memorable part of each of their momentous celebrations.Check out our mothers day flower collection today. Visit our website at or reach us at 6473 7252 for enquiries.