grand opening flower

Everyone knows that a grand opening of any business, may it be a start-up or a new branch, is an occasion worth celebrating. One of the most effective ways to do so is by adorning the venue with flower stands and arrangements to honour the momentous event. Whether you are a guest wanting to celebrate this milestone, or you’re the owner who wants to create a celebratory atmosphere, flowers are the perfect decoration to make the festivities all the more special. With that, here are five tips for buying grand opening flowers in Singapore with a modern and memorable arrangement. 


Have a Budget in Mind

Before looking into other factors, you must first consider your budget. Knowing how much you are going to spend will not only help you narrow down your flower options. It will also give you an idea of the size of your floral arrangement. Also, having an idea of who you are gifting the grand opening flowers is another deciding factor towards your budget.  This gives you an overview or estimate of how grand you can go for your arrangement. Your budget should also be weighed according to a grand opening for a big corporation or a small family business.


Take the Venue into Account

After considering your budget, you must also consider where the grand opening is taking place. Evaluating the size of the event location brings forth an advantage in choosing your grand opening flowers. Treading towards the traditional grand floral stand is ideal if the place is spacious. This type of floral stand can easily fill the room with joy and celebration. However, if the room has limited space, you may opt for a simpler and smaller arrangement. One good example is a hanging basket or a table centrepiece. Discussing these details with your florist is important as they can provide perfect ideas for this type of event. Remember to always choose a reliable florist who can provide high-quality and fresh flowers for your launch event.



Consider the Theme

When selecting grand opening flowers, you must consider the event's theme. If you are unsure what it is, look at the formal invitation sent to you. Another way is to check any pub mats used to promote the occasion on social media. Also, consider a pre-showing of the location. Visiting the place will give you a better understanding of the business's overall appearance and aesthetic. Remember that every business has its corresponding mission statement, logo, and theme. All of which are useful in finding the right floral arrangement.


Choose Your Flowers

Considering the significance and meaning behind each flower can also help influence your decision on what kind of floral arrangement you should go for. It is important to look into the species of flower, as well as the combination of colours you want to put together. These carry different symbolic meanings that can convey different messages, as well as different cultures, so it is important to be careful when choosing your own assortment. You can consider those that symbolize prosperity, luck, joy, respect, and good fortune.



Get Help from a Professional

With all these factors to consider, choosing the perfect grand opening flower arrangement for you can be quite daunting. This is especially true for people who rarely purchase flowers to this extent. However, having a professional at your disposal can easily improve your situation. Through the guidance of a professional florist, you will have the proper knowledge and experience when it comes to choosing among the different kinds of flowers and various arrangements. These professionals have been through so many occasions, including countless grand openings, so you are sure to have their expert opinion on what flowers are appropriate for a certain setting, and how to up your flower game to avoid sending a generic bouquet.


Make Grand Openings Memorable With Smile Floral!

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