5 Simple Ways to Make Your Graduation Flower Bouquet Extra Special


Graduating from college or university is a significant milestone in any young person's life. It's a time for celebration and reflection, and what better way to mark the occasion than with a beautiful flower bouquet? If you're searching for ways to make your graduation flowers extra special, we've got you covered. From adding a personal touch to opting for unique blooms, here are five simple ways to make your graduation flower bouquet stand out.


5 Ways to Make Your Flowers Extra Special

Flowers are always a lovely gesture to give for any special occasion, but why not make them even more special with these five easy tips?

  • Add a personal touch.
      Write a heartfelt message on a card and attach it to the bouquet.
  • Get creative with the vase.
      If you have a

unique vase

    that your loved one can keep after the flowers die, go ahead and use it!
  • Choose an appealing arrangement.
      Think outside of the traditional graduation flower bouquet and choose something more unique.
  • Add a little bit of luxury.
      Delicate ornaments, like rhinestones or feathers, can dress up even the simplest of bouquets.
  • Go big or go home!
    If you desire to make an impression, go all out and order a large flower arrangement instead of a small one. With these tips, your graduation flowers will be sure to impress!



Choose the Right Graduation Flower Bouquet.

When choosing flowers for a graduation bouquet, it's essential to consider the graduate's taste and style. If your special one is a nature lover, go for vibrant blooms like sunflowers or roses. For a more elegant look, choose delicate flowers like orchids or lilies. It's also important to consider the graduate's school colours when selecting flowers. Opt for a mix of colours and flowers to create a truly unique bouquet if in doubt.


Add some flowers to your graduation flower bouquet

While roses are a classic graduation flower, there are plenty of other beautiful blooms to choose from. Here are four of our favourites that you can add to you graduation flower bouquet:


  • Lilies


      These elegant flowers come in various colours, including white, yellow and pink. They're excellent for adding a touch of sophistication to any arrangement.

  • Gerbera Daisies


      These cheerful flowers are sure to put a smile on your graduate's face. They have a wide selection of colours, including orange, yellow and red.

  • Carnations


      These sturdy flowers are perfect for adding volume to any bouquet. They come in various colours, including pink, red and white.

  • Baby's Breath

baby breath

    This delicate flower is a great way to add a touch of softness to any arrangement


Be Creative in Arranging the Flowers

There are many ways to arrange your graduation flower bouquet, but these three creative methods are a great place to start. The first is to cluster the flowers together in a bunch. You can either use all one type of flower or mix different types. This is a great option if you want a simple, minimalist look. The second arrangement method is to spread the flowers evenly across the bouquet. This style gives a more traditional look and is perfect for those who want to celebrate their graduation classically. The third and final method is to create a flower tower. This involves stacking the flowers in a pyramid shape, one on top of the other. It's a great way to show off your graduation flowers and make a statement. Whichever method you choose, make sure to have fun with it!


Pack Your Flowers Safely and Securely

When sending your flowers to your graduate, you want to make sure they arrive in perfect condition. Here are a few tips for packing them safely and securely:

-Put a piece of damp paper towel inside the vase to keep the flowers hydrated during transit

-Pack the flowers in a sturdy cardboard box that's lined with newspaper

-If you're using a wire basket or other container, make sure it's wrapped in bubble wrap

-Label the outside of the box with your recipient's name and contact information

-Include a card with your personal message


In a nutshell

Graduation is a milestone in every person's life, and it should be celebrated in a special way. Smilefloral offers customised flower arrangements to make the event more special for your graduate. Just mention how you want it done to our florist, and we'll do it for you. You may also check others for comparison and prices. With Smile Floral, aside from our exquisite arrangements, we guarantee to deliver it in perfect condition that will surely put a smile on your loved one's face. So, follow these tips, and your graduate will be sure to love their graduation flower bouquet!