Everlasting Flower – a new bouquet concept or nah?
Internet penetration in Singapore is high and it will be equivalent to catching a rare Pokemon to find someone without a smartphone or computer. Given the prevalence of online florists in Singapore, Smile Floral has consistently tried to differentiate ourselves from the other florists in Singapore by arranging creative flowers. This often results in many of the other local florists imitating our flower designs, and even associating with our brand name – Smile Floral. As a relatively new entrant to the market, we launched an entirely unique collection – the baby's breath bouquet collection two years ago. You can mix and match any flowers with the hugely popular baby's breath flowers. For example, our celestial fantasy bouquet consists of red roses and rainbow baby breaths. This hand bouquet is popular during special occasions like Valentine's Day. We are one of the first few online florists in Singapore to have a huge range of different baby's breath bouquets. Our everlasting bouquet selections While fresh flowers have limited shelves life, we have also introduced our dried flowers bouquet collection last year. Imported from Italy, the dried flowers are carefully dried from fresh flowers under controlled environment. In addition, we selectively picked different ranges of fresh flowers which are dried and included in our everlasting bouquet selections. This differentiates our bouquets from other online florists. Are everlasting flowers we see really everlasting? Typically, these dried bouquet last for about 2 years, if you keep the dried flower bouquet away from sunlight and wind. You can unwrap the dried hand bouquet, and keep it in a nice vase, and leave it on your dining table or as a decorator ornament in your living room. This way, you do not have to spend extra money to replace fresh flowers, and perhaps more importantly, you do not have to worry about changing the vase water. Interested in getting some awesome flowers for your loved ones? Contact or visit us at Location: 115A Commonwealth Drive #03-12 Singapore 149596 Contact: +65 6473 7252 Website: www.smilefloral.com.sg Email: contact@smilefloral.com.sg