99 roses


99 roses express a love that will last a lifetime. With our islandwide flower delivery services, we would highly recommend 99 rose bouquets for all your romantic milestones with an impression that’s bound to last. With our wealth of experience to prepare proposal flowers for couples to be, we are confident that we can deliver your dream proposal flowers that includes 99 roses bouquet as well as other accompanying add-ons such as fairy lights, or even “would you marry me” lights. 


Our breathtaking 99-rose bouquets are a popular choice for wedding proposals. They are also perfect additions for your romantic date nights, anniversary and birthday celebrations. At Smile Floral, our most popular 99 rose bouquet with fairy lights is the perfect combination for a night time surprise proposal.



Tips in handling your 99 rose bouquet surprise

Typically most of our proposal bouquets are delivered to the hotel. Please be sure to let the hotel know to expect a bouquet of fresh 99 roses flowers from Smile Floral to ensure a smooth delivery. The hotels in Singapore typically have very good responsibilities to keep the 99 roses flower bouquet in an air conditioned room to maintain the freshness of the roses. When you are ready, you can simply go to the hotel reception to collect your very own 99 roses bouquet. 


We understand sometimes proposals are planned outdoors and you may be carrying the bouquet around. We recommend you get this favour from your friend (you should return the favour next time) to collect the 99 roses bouquet on your behalf, and maybe keep the bouquet of flowers indoors. We do not recommend keeping the bouquet of flowers outdoors directly under the sun for too long, as the flowers will start to wilter or turn black. 


Our fresh roses are mainly imported from China and then carefully picked by our florist team to be made into your 99 rose bouquet orders! Roses are delivered to us every day to ensure the freshness of the flowers and our 99 rose bouquet could last at least 3 more days of freshness after your special celebrations. It would be a great way to relive the special moments! Remember, the flowers are not in their natural environment in humid places such as Singapore, so be sure to unwrap the bouquet and place your 99 roses bouquet into a vase to prolong the life cycle. 



We deliver and handle with care

Here at Smile Floral we have a great listing of 99 rose bouquets to order on our website www.smilefloral.com.sg and a variety of rose colours available – Red, Purple, Pink, Hot Pink, Yellow, Champagne, Blue and many more! Our 99 rose bouquets are also available for customisation – let us know if you have a specific rose colour or 99 rose design. You can reach out to us via email (contact@smilefloral.com.sg) or simply have a chat with us via the chat box on our website! You can provide our florist with reference photos and we are more than happy to assist you. 


Smile Floral provides flower delivery anywhere in Singapore for your 99 rose bouquet orders throughout the year. We can deliver to hotel concierges and restaurants. Kindly note that Sentosa delivery would require a small fee. Send your 99 roses bouquet with Smile Floral Singapore today.